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Keep Your OneDrive Storage Space Free


A few weeks after disappointing a lot of OneDrive users who have invested a fortune over the years in the service, Microsoft partly changes its mind about the decision.

Last month Microsoft has announced that, because some users are abusing their account with unlimited storage OneDrive by uploading huge collections of films, all users of the service will suffer. Thus, unlimited storage space, whether you paid for the service or it was included in an Office 365 subscription, will be reduced to 1TB. Completely absurd was to reduce the storage given to free OneDrive users from 5GB to 15GB.

Fortunately, after the entire online community of users of the service has expressed its frustration on the subject, Microsoft decided to offer its customers a way to enjoy the old terms of the service. In addition, they apologized for the doubtful gesture. “We realize that this notice sounded as if we are complaining that our customers are using the service. For this we are very sorry and we apologize to the community. ”

In other news, apologies were accompanied by two other important announcements. Those who exceeded the 1TB limit of space used on OneDrive will be able to access all their files for 12 more months from now. Those using OneDrive free service to take advantage of the 5GB and exceeded the amount, will receive a one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal with 1TB of free space.

Even more, they have announced that “for our loyal fans who have promoted OneDrive over the years, we will add an offer to maintain the 15 space after implementing changes that will take place next year.” If you’re using OneDrive free and you need the 15GB of free storage space, just go to preview.onedrive.com/bonus until January 31 and state your intentions. The solution to your problem is one click away.