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Lara Croft – Rise Of The Tomb Raider PC Version May Be Seen In January 2016


Gamers, get ready, even if you do not own a console.

This new year, there is no need to sit back and feel jealous of the neighbor next door who owns that shiny new console.

You can also have a fair share of fun and we are here to tell you just that.

If you really do not have plans to invest in a console soon, then your PC can do the honors of giving you exactly what you want – in the form of a perfect console game.

We are talking about your favorite game heroine, Lara Croft coming to PC this year with her newest game, Rise of the Tomb Raider, in January 2016.

This news info was leaked by Steam. The company said that the game was awaiting final developments for the release of the PC version and hell yeah, we are up for it.

A similar kind of information was provided by the creators of the game, Square Enix, a few weeks back in 2015.

The game studio confirmed that a PC version was being worked upon and that release was imminent, but refrained from giving out the actual dates of the game.

Steam was also not very sure about it apparently, as all they spoke about was nothing but a month, that is January of 2016.

Very recently, users were treated to the DLC of the game,  also known as the Baba Yaga DLC.

Console users received the DLC rather positively and praised the story line, stating that the graphics were quite good.

Baba yaga DLC added an eerie feel to the whole story, where Croft was entrusted with the Job of finding a lost soldier in the Siberian woods, where the infamous witch Baba Yaga used to live.

It was said that no one came out of the forest alive. Croft, in the DLC was to fight against beasts and lost men who were now zombie like under the trance of the Baba Yaga witch.

It was quite commendable, how Square Enix converted the whole Scandinavian tale into something more action packed.

Well, now coming back to the PC version of the game, we are expecting that the game should be released by January 29, 2016, as per the listing that put the Rise of the Tomb Raider PC version on Amazon France (via IGN) on this release date.

The best part is that both Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have confirmed that this title is not an Xbox Exclusive as was rumored earlier.