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Last Gen ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Players Are Fortunate to Never Experience the Floo Flame Lady’s Constant Chatter!


Although Hogwarts Legacy’s Floo Flames are absolutely amazing inventions that enable rapid travel, PS4 users will never fully understand how infuriating the Ignatia Wildsmith busts that can be found at the Floo Flame sites can be.

At the game’s first launch, her continual speech irritated many players, who wanted to discover a method to mute her.

Thankfully, this annoyance has been fixed and now players can quickly go between several areas on the expansive Hogwarts Legacy map by using Floo Flames without hearing her boasting over and over again.

Ignatia Wildsmith, often known as “the Floo Flame lady,” was the original creator of Floo powder; as a result, every Floo Flame site displays a bust of her.

Hogwarts Legacy had a major update in March that brought about a number of beneficial enhancements to the game, including lip-syncing, characters becoming stuck on things, and more.

However, there was another modification done with this patch that was not even mentioned in the patch notes, and that was a dramatic decrease in the frequency of the Floo Flame lady’s inquiries and remarks.

On March 9, the community manager for Avalanche Software tweeted to confirm the modification.

Although it was not the largest issue with Hogwarts Legacy, those who are playing it for the first time on a PS4 or Xbox One would never realize how annoying the Floo Flame inventor can be.

To stop Ignatia Wildsmith’s Floo Flame remarks in Hogwarts Legacy, several players have started to mod the game themselves.

Although the Floo Flame conversation wasn’t entirely eliminated by the patch that finally fixed the issue, the decrease in frequency was apparent and welcomed.

Before, Ignatia would remark even if the player character was just passing by a Floo Flame site.

Although it’s possible that this feature was initially intended to let players know when fast travel places were approaching, it eventually turned out to be superfluous and annoying in gameplay.

Hogwarts Legacy has done a commendable job of avoiding having many annoyances like the Floo Flame woman, and PS4 users won’t even run through that specific annoyance.

Once the developers were informed that the repetitious babbling issue was becoming a problem, they swiftly made the update to address it.

Even while no game will ever be perfect for every user, Avalanche Software is doing the right thing by demonstrating that they are willing to resolve problems.

The developers of Hogwarts Legacy have always been willing to work with players and implement adjustments, and this one being implemented from the start for the Xbox One and PS4 release of Hogwarts Legacy is another example of that.