Home Apps LastTUBE 0.81 APK Download Shows What Mobile Entertainment is All About

LastTUBE 0.81 APK Download Shows What Mobile Entertainment is All About


LastTUBE is a new app that’s been created for the sole purpose to allow Android users to get all the entertainment they want from platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many more.

What this app does is priceless, since it adds a download button to all the aforementioned platforms, thus giving users access to endless hours of videos that they can watch online.

LastTUBE 0.81 APK Download

The reason why LastTUBE is in our sights today is because a new update is available for download. The update we are talking about changes LastTUBE’s version number to 0.81 and it introduces a handful of tweaks which improve the app’s stability and performance.

Regarding the new tweaks, the developers who are in charge of LastTUBE want to make sure that the app gets better as time goes on and this is why they keep releasing weekly APK updates. With the addition of the 0.81 APK, LastTUBE now downloads videos at faster speeds and it runs way smoother than usual.

Amazing UI (User Interface)

One of the hardest things that app developers have to do is to create a complex, yet simple to use UI. Furthermore, the team behind LastTUBE managed to do just that since the app’s UI looks great and its divided in different tabs.

One of the tabs shows users what videos are trending, thus helping users discover new fun and interesting videos to watch in their free time.

The second tab features a built-in search browser that gives users the ability to look for their favorite videos and download them. The only thing that users need to do is to type in the name of the video or song that they wish to download and just tap on the download button after the desired content is found.