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LastTube Latest Update – YouTube Downloader For Android


LastTube for Android is a free YouTube downloader which is allowing its users to download videos in any resolution and to import audio from YouTube videos in any format directly with Album Art.

About LastTube

LastTube has been released since November 2015 and it is running on any version of Android.

It requires at least 30 Mb free storage and it is free of costs app.

The LastTube app is not very popular even though it does what very many people look for – YouTube downloading.

The app can be downloaded via APK downloads sites or directly from its developers’ official site which is lasttube2.wordpress.com.

The LastTube app is not available on Google Play Store or similar.

How to download YouTube videos on your Android device with LastTube

  • Go to your favorite video page;
  • Once the video page has been loaded, a red download icon will appear in the top-right corner of the app;
  • Tap on the red download icon and wait for a few seconds;
  • A dialogue box will open up in which you can select the desired resolution for the video you want to download – you can choose from regular (360p) to Full HD and, even higher, to Ultra HD 4320p;
  • You can check the download progression in the Download section of the app;
  • When the download is done, you can watch the downloaded video directly with LastTube and you can even listen to the audio-only version of the downloaded video with your Music app;

With LastTube you can also send audio-only files, edit ID3 tags and album art. With LastTube you can also get all the top tracks of your favorite artists, find new artists similar to your favorites, and you can also get WorldWide Top 100 Music Chart.

Currently, seems that the project is not getting any new updates but the last version of LastTube YouTube Downloader for Android is still a must-have for people who enjoy downloading videos or importing audio-only to MP3.