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Latest Hotstar 7.0.4 APK for Android is Now Live


One of the best things about having a smartphone in your pocket all times is the fact that you will never get bored. Even though smartphones are mainly being used to place calls, get directions and read the latest news, people can also use them for entertainment.

There are bunch of smartphones that ship with large displays which make media watching a pleasant experience. However, smartphone entertainment can be taken to the next level by using Hotstar.


At its core, Hotstar is an Android app that gives users the ability to live stream their favorite shows. Not only that, but Hotstar also excels at providing users with all the latest movies, sports and even live news. People who decide to install Hotstar on their smartphones will never have to worry about missing out on their favorite shows or sports events anymore.

Latest 7.0.4 APK for Android

We should also mention that Hotstar is a premium app that is constantly being updated. In fact, a new update that sports the “7.0.4” version number has just arrived. The update is currently available in APK format which means that interested Hotstar users are required to manually download and install it.

VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL T20) 2018

Even though Hotstar offers a wide array of shows, most people use it for sport highlights. In fact, every match from the new VIVO Indian Premier League (IPL T20) 2018 is going to be available on the app.

Therefore, cricket fans who love watching their team win should make sure to install Hotstar in order to stay updated on what’s going on even though they might be at work and can’t access the live match on their TV set. Here are some of the most popular cricket teams that are featured on Hotstar:

  • Kolkata Knight Riders;
  • Kings XI Punjab;
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore;
  • Delhi Daredevils;
  • Mumbai Indians;
  • Chennai Super Kings;
  • Rajasthan Royals.