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Latest iPhone 7 Specuations and Rumours


Apple is considered the best smartphone selling company of the world. In the recent years the company has revolutionized the smartphone industry with their iPhones. Right after the launch of their last iPhone, the rumor mill has begun.

A Chinese website by the nameMyDrivers have claimed that the storage space and the battery in the up – coming iPhone will be significantly larger than that of iPhone 6.

To specify, MyDrivers claimed that iPhone 7 will come out with storage capacity of 256 GB SSD which will be expandable through a microSD memory card. It is unknown if Apple will get rid of their usual 128 GB variant or not.

The Chinese website further claimed that the up – coming iPhone will come out with 3100 mAh of battery, if true it will be bigger than any iPhone before. Previous rumors include that Apple is working on a multi – touch 3D feature which could be included in the iPhone 7.

More rumored features include an in – display fingerprint recognition software, Dual – camera sensors and a USB Type – C port.

Another company based in Taiwan named Apple Club has apparently leaked the first images of the parts which are being used in the upcoming iPhone. The images are of a backlight and a screen.

If the images by Apple Club are anything are to go by, Apple will not be making the switch to OLED screens. Apple has been expected to include OLED screens in their all new gadgets but it seems in the up – coming iPhone OLED screens are not featured.

It is proven that OLED screens are better in power-efficiency and have more contrast and are already in use in the Apple Watch.

In other reports, Apple is working on its first major hardware product with Beats. Both the companies have come together to built an earphone right out of spy movies.

9to5Mac reports that the new earphones will be called EarPods. EarPods will be completely wireless and will have no remote.

It is said that not even the left earbud will be connected to the right one. The EarPods are tipped to feature noise – cancelling microphone system, Bluetooth – enabled earphones and Siri voice support. The earbuds are said to have buttons for the above features.

More so, the earbuds will have their own individual twin chipset and batteries. The carrying case will be used as a portable charger as well.

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