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Latest SHAREit 4.0.28 APK Version Goes Live


SHAREit is an amazing app that’s been developed with one purpose in mind, and that’s to make it simpler and easier for people all over the world to share files with each other. Sharing files is not just a commodity nowadays since some people might be required to transfer important documents like product previews or PPT presentations with their work colleagues which makes SHAREit a great app to have.

SHAREit 4.0.28 APK

Since SHAREit is used for important tasks such as sending work files, the app’s developers are constantly making new changes which improve its performance. These changes come in form of APK updates and a new one has been released.

The latest version of SHAREit sports the “4.0.28” build number and it weighs in at 14.09MB. In addition, the update is available in form of APK which means that only Android users can install it. However, an official version of the update is scheduled to roll out OTA (over the air) to every operating system in the upcoming future.


Straight off, the best thing about SHAREit is that it’s super-fast when it comes to sharing files. The app doesn’t use direct Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth and instead, it uses the NFC port that’s installed on all smartphones.

Using the NFC port, SHAREit is able to send files at 200 times the speed that Bluetooth can offer. However, that’s not all since SHAREit use of the NFC port makes it function offline. This is an amazing feature since not everyone benefits from a rich mobile data plan.

PC Support

Even though SHAREit is a mobile app, people should know that it can be connected to a PC. The reason why this matters is because it allows people to control or view their smartphone/tablet files directly from their desktop PC.