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Latest Tubemate 3.0.12 APK Update Goes Live


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The best thing about surfing the web is watching online videos. There are thousands of online video streaming platforms that offer hilarious, entertaining and intriguing content. The best thing about these websites is that most of them are user based, which means that people get to watch all every video for free and it also means that new ones are being uploaded daily.

The Cons of Streaming Online Videos

However, there is a big problem with streaming online videos, people need to be connected to a stable internet connection. While this might not be an issue when at home, this can get quite annoying when traveling or commuting to work or school. Mobile data is precious and no one wants to spend it on streaming videos.

On the bright side of things, there is an app that will get rid of this issue. The app we are talking about is called TubeMate and it allows people to download all their favorite online videos while at home, connected to a stable internet connection and then to watch them while traveling.

Tubemate 3.0.12 APK

The latest version of TubeMate sports the 3.0.12 build number and it recently went live. We should mention that this update comes in form of APK which is an acronym for Android Package Kit. Therefore, this latest TubeMate update is available only for Android powered devices.

There’s another important thing we need to mention about APK updates, users are required to manually download and install them. Although, the installation process is not complicated at all since all that users need to do is to enable the “Install apps from unknown sources” option which can be found in the Settings panel of all Android devices.

In addition, TubeMate is a great app to have because it also ships with a built-in MP3 converter. This feature will allow users to expand their music library for free.