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Latest Vimeo 2.22.0 APK Update Brings Important Changes to the Layout


Vimeo fans should be happy to know that a brand-new update has arrived. The new update is available as an APK (Android Package Kit) and it brings Vimeo’s build number to 2.22.0. Although, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since the folks at Vimeo have been keen on releasing weekly updates for a while now.

It seems like the developers who are in charge of Vimeo are constantly looking to introduce new software tweaks and features that can improve the app’s performance. This is amazing news for Vimeo fans because it means that they will always receive a premium user experience and lots of new features.

Vimeo 2.22.0 APK Update

Regarding the new APK update, the developers decided to pay some attention to Vimeo’s layout and make some subtle changes. The reason why the developers are doing this is because they want to make it easier for users to find all the information they want about the video they are viewing such as the description for example.

Another important layout change that’s being introduced alongside this new APK update aligns the icons which appear on the player. This might not be some groundbreaking feature, but it will make it easier for users to share, add or download videos.

Incredible Video Streaming Platform

One of the best things about Vimeo is that it’s basically impossible to run out of new content to watch. The streaming platform gives users the ability to watch ad-free videos in full HD. The only reason why Vimeo is not more popular is because it has the bad luck of competing against YouTube.

When it comes to features and software, Vimeo and YouTube are quite similar. However, YouTube has a big advantage over Vimeo because all the world’s most popular content creators upload their videos there.