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League of Legends and Netflix Light the Fuse on Lawsuit Against Time Warner Cable


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Eric T. Schneiderman who is New York’s general attorney is claiming that Time Warner Cable has been defrauding consumers by not providing them with the internet service that was advertised in their contract. Furthermore, Schneiderman also stated that the ISP has not upgraded its services as it was obligated to do according to the contracts signed with Riot Games and Netflix.

League of Legends and Netflix Lawsuit

The general attorney is suing Time Warner Cable in order to get the company to refund damages caused to hundreds of thousands of clients who have had their performance affected by the slow internet speed. League of Legends and Netflix users are the ones who have been affected by Time Warner Cable’s false promises of high speed internet.

$65 Billion Merger

While the lawsuit might sound easy to win at first, it’s not that simple. The reason we are saying this is because Time Warner Cable has merged its business with Charter Communications at a total cost of $65 billion. This means that Time Warner Cable is now represented under the Charter Spectrum name and that suing them has become a bit harder.


Even though the lawsuit is not going to go as smooth as desired, Schneiderman will not be stopped. There are hundreds thousands of complains which date back to January 2012 until present. Schneiderman is using the fact that Time Warner Cable has provided users with wireless routers which are not capable of running at the promised speeds as the base of the lawsuit.

Slow Internet

Schneiderman announced publicly that he has done different studies and came with the conclusion that customers who have purchased 300 Mbs plans received only 15% of what they were promised. It gets even worse, subscribers who chose the 50 Mbps plan only received 58 percent of the speed they wanted.

Official Statement

New York’s general attorney has stated the following when he was asked about the lawsuit in cause: “Spectrum/Time Warner Cable deliberately took advantage of its control over port capacity where its network connected to online content providers to extract more revenue for the company”. From the looks of it, Schneiderman is not going to stop until Spectrum/Time Warner Cable customers get what they were promised or refunds.