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Leak: ZTE Nubia Red Devil Press Render Shows It All!


Even though most people only use their smartphones for important tasks such as getting in touch with their friends, reading the latest news and getting direction routes, there are some other people who enjoy mobile gaming. Smartphone are getting more powerful every year and this gives developers room to create better mobile games.

Talking about gaming smartphones, Razer is the one who started the trend. Razer is a company that’s renowned for making gaming products that range from keyboards to headsets and now smartphones! Nonetheless, Razer’s gaming smartphones are generating tons of profits and other companies are trying to replicate that success, ZTE included.

ZTE Nubia Red Devil

ZTE is a Chinese based tech company that loves to launch smartphones which appeal to the masses. What this means is that ZTE’s smartphones are often paired with high-end hardware specs and affordable prices. Nonetheless, ZTE wants to get involved in the mobile gaming industry with its upcoming Nubia Red Devil gaming focused smartphone.

Press render Leak

The reason why ZTE’s upcoming Nubia Red Devil gaming smartphone is making headlines today is because an official press render has been leaked. The press render shows the innovative design that the smartphone will offer and why it’s worth our attention.

Interesting Features

At a first glance, ZTE Nubia Red Devil looks like an average smartphone but this is not the case. This smartphone is equipped with physical keys on the right-hand side which are designed to make it easier for people to access them.

The smartphone’s chassis and back side seem to be made out of metal which points towards the fact that ZTE Nubia Red Devil is a premium-level smartphone. Moreover, the press render leak also reveals that ZTE Nubia Red Deveil will feature a LED Flash, a fingerprint scanner and an interesting looking cooling system.