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Lenovo Unveils Affordable VR Headset


As everybody knows by now, VR technology is the latest trend in the tech world and all major tech companies are launching their own products. The VR market is filled with fierce competition from the likes of HTC, Oculus Rift and Google but new reports are showing that another competitor will take the world by storm with the first affordable VR headset.

During CES 2017, Lenovo unveiled its own VR headset which hasn’t been named yet and that’s still in the prototype phase but we know that its going to be priced under $500. While the headset might not be fully functional yet, its design showed us what we can expect. It looks like Lenovo managed to design a headset that is significantly lighter than Oculus or HTC’s devices which makes it more comfortable. In fact, one major flaw VR headsets have right now is that they are not glass-friendly but while studying the design of Lenovo’s upcoming gadget we can see that this won’t be a problem.

The gadget ships with Lenovo’s own depth-sensing cameras that are placed on the front side which is similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens device. Basically, the prototype headset doesn’t actually show virtual reality graphics but it scans the items surrounding the user and puts them in the VR world. The Chinese manufacturer stated that it didn’t design the device for gaming purposes, but rather for 360 degree media content. Also, apps which have been made for HTC Vive or Oculus Rift are not compatible with Lenovo’s headset. The reason behind that is that it uses different tracking and control technology. Nonetheless, we have to wait for Lenovo to finish the project and showcase the headset during the upcoming months and let us know what kind of features it will bring.


  1. Without providing screen resolution per eye, FOV angle, and frame rate for each product, your review tells me none of the things that I need to know in order to make an informed choice.

  2. Don’t forget even more basic stuff like, eye adjustments for both width and focus. And oh yeah, does it have a button or do you need to buy one of those dumb bluetooth clicker/joysticks.

    I’m finding when it comes to VR, all the tech sources become novices. Come guys!

  3. Well, the thing is more than half of the things on this list are based on phones which could have largely variable specs. It would be impossible to list them all.

  4. I have to say I went to this page for a real VR performance break down and “phone VR” is, well let’s just say, inferior. I’m more intrigued on the PC VR specs and yes this also depends on the computer. But I’m looking for immersion and which one will have the best graphics(weather I meet or exceed the minimum requirements) I want my headset to have value in 3 years, my computer specs are my own upkeep that every new program will continue to increase. Just let me know if there’s a true Oculus competitor(not gear VR bs) that offers for $399 and has minimal compatibility issues and Im sold. But this review did nothing for me. Anyone whose spent 10-15 min watching a show or just one of the 100’s of VR articles will have known what this info brings to the table. This is like the flavourless meatloaf dinners of the article world and is as useful as actual ‘pocket lint’ oh wait nevermind.

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