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Lenovo will Launch a 3D Mapping Phone With Google


Google finally incorporates a partner willing to form one thing out of its computer vision project, Project Tango.

According to the reports, during an event, Google and Lenovo proclaimed that a phone equipped with Project Tango capabilities is coming back to promote someday this summer.

For three years, Google has been talking about the introduction of Project Tango however we’ve seen very little within the means actual product reaching the consumer.

The camera technology permits a tool to observe depth and project out a space in 3D.

The device will tell, the users the distance between spaces.

That might be useful if a user needs to shop for some furnishings or embellish his or her room.

The technology might even be used for brand new mobile games.

A demo showed however the technology might place digital characters in real space and have them follow the user around through the camera.

Project Tango’s hardware needs RGB camera, a infrared camera and a fish eye camera.

Chip manufacturers Qualcomm and Intel have developed reference styles for phone manufacturers to make new phones.

Google has designed its own Project Tango-enabled tablet to show off or indicate the technology.

The forthcoming Lenovo phone will going to be paired with a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm.

Though Lenovo wouldn’t say precisely that Snapdragon processor it’ll use, it’ll seemingly be Qualcomm’s most up-to-date premium chip, the Snapdragon 820.

According to Jeff Meredith, vice chairman at Lenovo, same Qualcomm has been operating closely with the corporate on implementing the Project Tango feature.

“Just like Google, Qualcomm has been right there with us i.e. with our team, specializing in the expertise”.

According to Lenovo the phone will going to be additional on the premium finish of Android phones and will be priced like for $500.

The comparatively low value purpose is very important, Meredith said. “We don’t wish this to be a distinct segment technology,” he said. “We wish it to be accessible to an outsized audience.”

The final industrial style hasn’t been selected till now, however Lenovo is looking into six completely different choices.

The depth sensing feature is going to be featured extremely in promoting the device.

“It’s going to be an excellent phone on its own, however this feature can be the key purpose for differentiation of this phone,” as per reports.

As the smartphone trade has been matured, it’s become tougher and tougher for phone manufacturers to face out.

Lenovo getting into initial on adding this sort of feature offers it means of standing out from the group.

Computer vision has become an awfully hot topic in technology recently.

Chip manufacturers Qualcomm and Intel are pushing chipsets and parts that feature these types of potentials. Project Tango began in 2012 underneath Motorola’s Advanced Technologies and comes, or ATAP (then in hand by Google).

ATAP stayed with Google (or currently Alphabet) when the corporate sold-out Motorola off to Lenovo in 2014.

Google and Lenovo are operating along for the past year on the phone and are announcing currently in order to make an interest among the developers to make the new apps to use this feature in a more smooth way.

“To do apps that use these capabilities needs developers planning them from scratch,” according to Johnny Lee, the head of the Project Tango, in Associate in nursing interview. “It’s over porting bit screen apps.

We wish to seek out partners that want to speculate in this space, so there will be more time to build nice experiences with this once the device comes out.”

Google with Lenovo will be beginning a brooder for companies who are interested in working and performing on Project Tango apps.

There’ll be workshops and potential funding opportunities for the businesses that participate in this work.

The simplest apps to form use of the Project Tango feature can come back preloaded on the Lenovo phone.