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Lenovo’s Link and Yoga Mouse Do Wonders To Support The PC Section


Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese multinational computer technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China, founded in 1984.

Manufacturing and selling personal computers, smartphones, servers, IT management softwares and smart televisions, the multinational brand has now  entered a phase where it is upgrading to an number of accessories that will be immensely popular in the market.

Some of them are the ThinkPad branded ear buds, gaming peripherals, new mobility solutions  and other consumer products.

A couple of products that have been able to grab our attention in the CES 2016 from Lenovo are the Link and the Lenovo Yoga mouse, both of which are accessories compatible with the current PC line up of Lenovo.

Of course, laptops will also be able to support these accessories.

The Lenovo Link 32 GB is a device that as its name suggests, does a linking job.

The gadget helps you to ‘Link’ the smartphone directly to the computer.

The concept is not all that dissimilar to Samsung’s SideSync function, but where Side Sync only works with Galaxy Smartphones and Ativ PCs, the Link is compatible with any PC and smartphone running on Android Lollipop (5.0 or higher), as long as both devices have the software installed.

The Lenovo Yoga Mouse is Windows 10-compatible and when used as a mouse the device is bent at the hinge, providing a comfortable form factor for hand.

The bottom half of the Yoga mouse can be rotated 180 degrees, making the device flat and easy to fit into bag when traveling. The most amazing fact is that the mouse is wireless and can last for a month with only two hours charging.

The device can connect either via a 2.4GHz (with a USB dongle) or Bluetooth 4.0 for speed and comfort.

Other attractive products of Lenovo is the new Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse,Y Gaming Stereo Headset , Lenovo’s ThinkPad Stack Projector – The mini projector offering a 150 lumens of brightness and producing a 720p imageandY Gaming Armored Backpack.

The carrying bag having dedicated storage compartments with a capacity of housing a 17-inch gaming laptop with ease.

This CES 2016 Lenovo by showcasing the smart phones accessories is definitely going to compete Android and Motorola’s smart phones creativity in affordability as well.


  1. For some reason my touchpad is very jumpy when I’m moving the cursor then using the “invisible” left click button. At first i thought I was just fat fingering where I’m clicking but I paused and carefully clicked on the left button and the mouse cursor either jumps a few inches or almost to the bottom of the screen. I’m using the newest drivers and even tried messing around in the Ultranav settings. Is there a way to stop the touchpad from picking up movement at the left click/right click areas?

  2. Disappointed with Lenovo Yoga lap top– twice

    My first Lenovo laptop mousepad failed after about 15 months, only a few months after warrantee
    lapsed. They refused to repair or replace

    I purchased a new model in 2015 and 11 months latter my screen developed a hairline crack at the
    hinge. In my estimation the lid frame is flimsy and the crack occurred as a result of mild twisting on the screen if opened or closed by pulling down on the corner of the lid rather than the center.

    The cracked screen rendered the computer useless as the touch screen became very unstable and perceived rapid random tactile inputs.

    Lenovo said the hairline crack was not covered under warrantee despite it being purchased only 11 months earlier.

    I’m not going to purchase another Lenovo due to both poor durability and Lenovo’s unwillingness
    to stand by their product despite customer loyalty

  3. My 900’s been online for 3 weeks now, and i’m still not done giving out
    the continual praises of this gem. The I7 with 16gigs mem w/500 gig drive
    fits my requirements totally. There’s simply nothing it’s stumbling over and
    has noticeable improvements over previous years Yogas. This is and should
    be classified as a “high-end” machine. Looking at the new Surfaces & pro…..,that
    detachable screen “thangy” , simply wasn’t enough “juice” to push aside Mr Yoga’
    Lenovo’s got the winner in the next year or so……no doubt !!
    Mac Air???……….nope, you’re not gonna pick it…..once your Paws have mauled the Yoga

  4. I have had the Yoga 900 for about the last week. I also have the Yoga 3 Pro. Both have 8gigs of RAM. That M processor was a PITA but the 900 I have with the 6th Gen.i7 processor is like night and day. This system does what you ask and it does it quickly. The hinges have been tightened, as mentioned in the article. They’re not flimsy in the least. I’m still learning the OS W10 but the learning curve isn’t that hard. The picture is extremely sharp. The touch-pad is very responsive and not having an X-1 I can’t tell you how it compares, but coming from a guy who used to hate touch-pads, this one and the Y3P’s are a pleasure to use….

    If it’s a good Ultra-book you’re looking for then this is what you want, you will be extremely happy.
    Lenovo Yoga 900 (13-inch) | Ultralight 2-in-1 Laptop
    Discover more about the recognizably different 13.3″ Yoga 900, the world’s thinnest Intel® Core™ i convertible.

  5. Wish i would have waited – or bought a mac air. I bought the Yoga 3 a year ago. The processor is ok if you are not doing anything. If you put a video on, it effectively is not a multitasking computer. It is thin and light. But the trackpad is a typical windows trackpad – just use a mouse. Oh and the speakers are not very good. one buzzes. And a couple of the ends fell off the band. I really don’t use it much so it is not from a lot of use.

  6. I’ve had this laptop for a week. 1) The computer runs silent. The fan comes on when playing Steam games but it’s a whisper. 2) Battery life is outstanding. 10+ hours onscreen time web surfing, music. With gaming, the battery drains faster. 3) Screen is bright enough with 300 nits. I’m at 70% brightness and it’s good for indoor. Contrast is not the greatest. But I watch movies and it looks very good. 4) Touchscreen – pinch n’ zoom is fluid on Windows Edge. Very choppy on Chrome and Firefox.

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