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LG G4 bootloop issue acknowledged by LG


The issue of bootloop been experienced by some users of the LG G4 flagship smart phone is finally being acknowledged by the company.

The South Korean tech giant is calling it a hardware fault and has said that it will repair the affected devices.

For the people who are unaware of this, almost all the region and carrier specific variants of G4 have been affected by the LG G4 bootloop problem.

As early as September, the issue of the G4 smart phone randomly rebooting was reported by some users, which left the users without any kind of solution.

Since September the issue has become more wide spread, and there are several videos that demonstrate this problem have been posted on the internet.

LG, in a statement to Android Authority has said that the problem is loose contact between the components.

The company further added, “LG Electronics has been made aware of a booting issue with the LG G4 smartphone that is now identified as resultfrom a loose contact between the components.

Any customers who might be experiencing booting issues with their particular LG G4 smart phones, should contact their local carrier from where theypurchased their G4 or any of the LG Service Centerwhich is nearby them (www.lg.com/common) for repair of the problem under full warranty,”

The company went on further and stated, “The customers who purchased their LG G4 smart phones from any non-carrier retailers should contact an LG Service Center with keeping in mind that the warranty conditions might differ than that of local carrier.

LG Electronics is absolutely committed to providing the highest standards for the quality of product and customer service and the company apologizes as a whole for the inconvenience caused to some of our customers suffering from booloop problem who initially received incorrect diagnoses.”

Sadly, just as the other flagship smart phone from most of the manufacturer, the LG G4 smart phone has not been immune to issues and faults. In June last year, some of the users of LG G4 smart phone reported of suffering an unresponsive touch screen problem. The troubled users went on to forum saying that the smart phone had simply failed to register either taps or swipes.

What are your thoughts about all these problems occurring in LG G4 smart phone? do you own this device? If yes then are you experiencing the same problems? Or is your G4 working just fine? Comment below and let us know.


  1. I have my LG G4 since october and i have not experienced any bootlop issues… Lucky for me

  2. My LG G4 has the bootloop issue a couple minutes ago and my phone won’t start.

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