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LG G5: All that we know about the device so far


South Korea has been a country which has been the country of origin for two of the biggest names in the world of consumer technology – LG and Samsung, both giants in their own right.

Both the companies have a major history of coming out with some of the most innovative devices. Be it smart-fridges which can identify users, or can show you what’s inside them on an app, or be it foldable televisions, or any other technology which has been termed ‘innovative’ in the world of consumer technology, it can be said that there’s a big chance either Samsung or LG are behind them.

LG has been focusing on the smartphone markets off late, something that Samsung started nearly seven years ago. However, LG, for the first time is all set to give a major competition to Samsung, as the LG G5 is all set to lock horns with Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

Following is what we know about the LG G5 as of now:

  1. Snapdragon 820

The LG G5 is all set to take up to the latest trends in the world of technology, as the company gears up to launch their flagship phone with the most powerful processor in the markets – the Snapdragon 820.

The processor is currently seen in Le TV/Le Eco’s Le Max Pro smartphone, and will also be a part of Xiaomi’sMi 5.

As of now only these two are the confirmed devices, but it is highly anticipated the real battle will be between Samsung’s S7 and LG’s G5.

  1. Dual Cameras

Images featuring an internal component with dual cameras have been leaked online, and it is highly anticipated that the LG G5 will be coming out with dual cameras.

This is a feature which is widely expected to be use by Apple in the iPhone 7. The dual cameras give a much better depth to the image.

  1. Magic Slot

Surprisingly enough, the LG G5 is expected to be a modular device! It is expected to come with a ‘magic slot’ which can be pulled down so that the battery slides out.

This has been teased by LG in the past when they said the phone has a ‘magic slot’.

  1. Ticker

It is also being said that the LG G5 will borrow a page from LG V10’s book, featuring a ticker which will notify users of important information, as well as time and other details. This will be an always-on screen.

What are your expectations from the LG G5? Comment below and let us know: