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LG G5 Arriving 1st of April On US Cellular – know the price, specs and details


LG has been one of the biggest names and a true giant when it comes to the world of technology.

The company has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades for their users, and has been one of the biggest forces in the markets of consumer technology. The company has been introducing many updates and upgrades when it comes to the users of their technology, and have introduced many household, consumer products too.

LG has been working on introducing many smart devices in the days to follow, and one of their biggest projects has been towards developing the LG G5 – their latest flagship smartphone.

LG, with the LG G5 comes out as one of the strongest players in the smartphone markets, and the device has something which is truly innovative, not just in the markets of mobile phones, but in the markets of hardware technology at large.

The LG G5 comes out into the markets with an innovative concept – modular design. Google has been working on a similar concept with their Project ARA devices, however LG has now officially become the first name to come out with a truly modular smartphone. The LG G5 comes out into the markets with two major modules –

The LG Cam Plus module helpsconvert the LG G5phone into actual digital camera which features many integral components of a camera such as buttons for shutter release, zoom, flash and more.

This LG Cam Plus Module will also help add a better grip to the device while taking pictures, as well as an additional 1200mAh of battery life, which is very useful when clicking pictures.

The LG Hi-Fi Plus modulewith B&O audio is expected to give a major boost to the audio capacity of the device. This module does not feature any additional battery life.

In latest news, the LG G5 has now been anticipated to release on the 1st of April, and will be releasing with the US Cellular carrier.

Pre-Orders for the device will begin on the 28th of March and as per the reports, the device is expected to carry a price tag of $636 if purchased without a contract.

For those who intend to buy the LG G5 on a contractual basis, they will be charged $199 on a regular 2-year agreement, and $26.50/month for a period of 24 months.