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LG Will Launch WebOS 3.0 For Smart TV Platforms – CES 2016 Will Bear Witness


We have been talking about mobile phones and apps for quite a long time now. There are, however, a log of new developments even in the things around us.

Sometimes, the need to have an upgraded phone overshadows the need to have everything at your home upgraded. But if you are completely at sea regarding the launch and features of simple technological advancements around us, then you should consider paying attention to the CES 2016, also known as the International Consumer Electronics Show, to be held in January 6th, 2016.

One of the things that the 2016 CES will bring to us is a new operating system that will cater to the needs of Smart televisions. This OS is called the WebOS 3.0 and is a product of LG.

So far, the verdict on the previous versions of the OS has been quite satisfactory. We have seen the predecessing versions function perfectly on the broadcast TV, streaming services and external devices. The OS is interactive and smart and is immensely responsive.

According to Brian Kwon, President and CEO at LG’s Home Entertainment Company, the company has not launched an update to the WebOS for almost a couple of years now. This is going to be the biggest update by far.

Kwon mentioned that the scope of support would pan across many different aspect, but the main theme of this OS has and always will revolve around the three principles of Simple Connection, Simple Switching and Simple Discovery.

This has helped the devices to become very popular with users. The level of interaction that this OS provides has further caused sales to soar.

The WebOS 3.0 by LG will be a real joy to have around. It will be infused with the smart features of Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile Connection and Magic Remote. This Magic Remote has been largely improved, much like the remote of the Apple TV which in itself is a storehouse of functions.

So what can we do with these features and how can they be used to our advantage?

The company revealed that the Magic Zoom feature was instrumental in magnifying objects and letters.

The quality of the display would not be affected even if you had the zoom cranked up.

The second feature, the Magic Mobile Connection, would enable users to connect to the LG smart tv using the LG smartphones.

The connecting app would be the LG TV Plus and would allow the mobile apps to be viewed full screen.

It is somewhat like the continuum feature, but does not convert the phone into a computer. The last feature, the Magic Remote, will now allow users to make it easier to control a set top box.

A number of channels have also been added and we expect that the WebOS 3.0 will go a long way.