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Live Cricket Content by UC Browser, Twitter, and Microsoft


You might have heard of the UC Browser because it is very popular on mobile phones. Now, it seems that they have big plans. Recently, they announced that they are teaming up with Twitter and the search engine Bing, developed by Microsoft. Their purpose is to open up a mobile gateway to live content, just before the beginning of the cricket season in the country.

Good News Ahead

The name of their new project is going to be UC Cricket. It is, in fact, a new cricket content aggregation platform that is featured on the UC Browser. The goal here is to provide various content, such as news, videos, live score, photo, live tweets, previews, stats, commentaries and much more. This means it will be an attractive platform for any cricket fan.

Kenny Ye, the general manager of Global Markets, the Alibaba Mobile Business Group, declared that there is a huge desire for digital content in India. He added that in UC Browser, they are planning to offer an all-in-one option. That’s why they have included various types of content on just one platform. During the cricket season, it seems that UC Cricket will be the best way to engage the Indian fans.

New Features to Come

From what it seems, the UC Cricket platform is going to bring some new features as well. These include a floating widget, which is called UC Express. This will let users gain access to cricket content and customize their notifications. For example, you can subscribe to an upcoming game for a push notification update just when the game starts.

Meanwhile, Twitter will offer live, conversational, and public content that relates to cricket matches on the new platform. For instance, you can follow trending tweets from cricketers, plus some exclusive content that comes from the official cricket team accounts: photos, Vines, Periscopes, videos, and more.