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Load YouTube and Facebook Videos Faster on PC and Smartphone


Sure you looked at a video today until now. We are addicted to Internet videos, whether on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or other video distribution sites. A funny video is meant to bring a smile to your face rather than a bundle of nerves because the video is loading slow. To avoid this, you can try these tricks:

  1. Disconnect WiFi devices when you are not using them. Too many devices can overload the wireless network and the router will not be able to transmit the required speed on the network. Unless you have a very advanced router, there is a very high possibility that the two laptops, two mobile phones, tablet and smart TV to be too much for your router. The chances are very weak to use them all at the same time so you can limit the wifi network only to the devices you use.
  2. Remove temporary information from the browser! When browsing the internet, the browser will create temporary files that are used for easy loading. The operating system should delete these files when you leave your computer, but it will be unable to do so if you do not properly close the browser before. You can manually delete these files by accessing the settings menu in your browser and delete all files in the browser history.
  3. Checking the channel on which the router functions is essential. If there are too many routers in the same channel, the network will be overload and there appears the risk of a decrease in WiFi’s speed. You can check out nearby networks with WiFi Acrylic application, where you can check the busiest channels and what channels are available.
  4. If you use a laptop, most likely you are using the WiFi network. It is more comfortable but does not help with the stability of the signal. A router can even reduce by half the transfer speed via WiFi, Ethernet cable instead will let you use the full speed available. On the speedtest.net site you can perform a speed test with and without the cable to notice the difference.