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Lumia 850 Unofficial Leaked Photos and Premium Features


Microsoft has already released three devices that come with Windows 10 Mobile preinstalled. Lumia 950 and 950 XL cover the high-end range, while the Lumia 550 is addressed unpretentious public who wants a simple smartphone that can access the Internet. So far there was no information about the mid-range offer of the company, but Lumia 850 finally came to the surface in a series of unofficial images.

Unfortunately, the fact that it can be studied from more angles does not mean that we will see the phone in stores very soon. But we can find out some details about its size and what components will integrate. Unlike its predecessors in the 800 series, Lumia 850 will be a device of considerable size. It will be built around a 5.7″ Full HD display (same size as Lumia 950 XL in diagonal). While going on the phablet-type territory devices, the performance will not necessarily be a priority.

The information currently available suggests that Lumia 850 will integrate a Snapdragon 617 chipset from the mid-range series. This way, 4K resolution recording is out, and probably Continuum function will also be unavailable on this device. But images reveal integration of a biometric authentication sensor in the front, which will secure your phone using the “Hello” feature, so far available only on high-end devices.

Perhaps this suggests that although we are talking about a smartphone with plastic housing and average specifications, its price will be rather close to the premium mid-range devices. There is currently no official information about the release date.