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Lumu Power Exposure Meter Can Build Your iPhone Seven Camera Higher than Any Samsung Galaxy


A new project out of Slovenia can amendment the method video is recorded from the iPhone.

The Lumu Power device is the most correct and most compact exposure meter on the market.

It’s filled with all of the simplest options of a lightweight meter, exposure, flash and color temperature management accessible for the iPhone, and it would be a good accent to the future iPhone seven.

The Apple iPhone isn’t any alien to Film

Will tiny stunts like disreputable vine or tracheophyte videos to very large stunts like Beyonce’s 7/11 music video; shot entirely with Associate in Nursing iPhone and many GoPros. The Lumus Power is that the logical next step.

This tool is of nice use for people that square measure active in social media platforms that use lots of video, like Vine, Snapchat or optical instrument.

Video on Mobile is growing quickly

Amateurs or not, video platforms are rising in quality since YouTube rose to require over new media in 2007. As such, individuals had to create lighting kits, color temperature meters and cameras lots additional compact.

The film set didn’t have to be compelled to be in a very sound stage or at a studio; currently it may be in a very front room.

Lumu Power is that the best example of latest technology adapting to additional places.

Lumu Power Makes Life lots Easier for Filmmakers everyplace

Content creators come back from all elements of the planet; however there square measure and many universal things they have to reach platforms like Vine and YouTube.

That’s smart an honest a decent camera and a few good lighting. Lumu Power brings out a neater thanks to management however an effort appearance before being shot.

The device is small, and fits any model with the iPhone five and iPad mini series.

Since the primary device shipped out of Lumu in 2013, the Slovenian company has joined hands with Apple to create the last word photography accent. The latest Lumu Power is tiny, elegant and intensely practical.

Matching the massive Screen to the DSLR Screen

The new wave of content brought in by new media is often dynamical.

Individuals, square measure selecting to observe TV on their portable computer screens, and filmmakers square measure selecting to bypass agencies and film studios to shoot themselves.

Lumu Power is barely creating it higher, additional economical and additional moveable.