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Lyft APK Version Download a More Reliable App


Smartphones have become essential items to our everyday lives since they allow us to use numerous apps which make everything so much easier, just take Lyft for example. No one is ever going to have to wait in the street while trying to hail down a taxi now that Lyft is here. This is a ridesharing app that enables users to request a ride with the simple touch of a button.

Cheaper than a Taxi, Faster than a Bus

Lyft’s company motto is “cheaper than a taxi, faster than a bus” and this is completely true. Unlike traditional taxis which charge huge amounts of cash, Lyft has been specially designed to offer affordable services. Things get even better since Lyft features also features the option of splitting the cost of a ride with a friend.

The best thing about Lyft though, is that every payment is made through the user’s phone. This means there is not cash involved thus making the payment process more fast and secure. No one likes carrying cash around and this is why all of Lyft’s services can be easily paid through the phone app.

New Update

Taking in consideration the fact that there are numerous people who rely on Lyft’s services in order to get around the city, the developers behind the app are always on their A game. The app receives a constant stream of updates which prevent it from randomly crashing down or other type of similar issues. In fact, Lyft’s build number has recently been brought up to version.

This new update doesn’t bring any innovative or groundbreaking features but it isn’t even supposed to. Most of Lyft’s updates are developed with the sole purpose of fixing issues or preventing them from happening and this is the case with this new update as well.