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Mac Pro 2019 Rumors and Latest Leaks


Fans of Mac Pro have been waiting for a very long time to hear news about a new laptop in this line, the latest one has come out in 2013. It now looks like 2019 is going to be the year when the Mac Pro is going to come out. Some people have been speculating that it would be coming out this year but those rumors have been dismissed.

What do we know so far

The senior director of Mac hardware product marketing, Tom Burger, decided to put everyone’s minds at ease. He said that he wants to make sure that there is a clear relationship between Apple and its customers and those users do not think that they are being kept in the dark. This is why he stated that the release date for the next Mac pro is in 2019.

SO far we do not have a lot of info regarding how the new laptop is going to look like. Some believe that it is going to follow the same style that has been a trademark for the Mac Pro line. However, this could all be changed.

In order to make sure that this product will come up to be incredible Apple has decided to create a new internal team that is going to focus on Mac Pro, named the Pro Workflow Team. Their main task is going to be coordinating the efforts done by the hardware and the software teams to make sure that the end product completely satisfies the needs of the customers.

Last but not least, there is a rumor going around that Apple is going to try and shift away from Intel chips and start using ARM-based processors. However, it is still very early to tell you more about this product since there is not much out there but we promise that as soon as we learn something enw we are going to notify you.