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MacBook Pro 2017 – When Is The New Refresh Coming Out, And Is It Worth It?


It’s been barely over half a year since Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro line back in 2016. However, since the month of October last year until now, many things have changed, including the launch of some very powerful hardware solutions that weren’t around in October 2016. As many of you are aware of, Apple is planning on refreshing the MacBook Pro line once again this year.

While fans are waiting eagerly to learn more about the iPhone 8, Apple has decided it’s time to give the ol’ MacBook Pro a fresh coat of paint. All joking aside, let’s not scold this decision without actually taking a look at what it’s all about. Many are interested to know if an upgrade only 8 months since the last one can actually do any good to overall performance. Or in other words, is it really worth it to empty your pockets again this early?

Beast processors

One of the main reasons why Apple is taking this step and offering yet another MacBook series is because Intel had released their Kaby Lake processors in the meanwhile. It’s a very powerful chip that makes a world of difference. Thus, the iPhone manufacturer has deemed it necessary to bring out this rather early series refresh so that users can enjoy their powerful MacBook devices alongside the best CPU option.

  • There will be 4 different versions of the 13 inch laptop, all featuring an i5 Kaby Lake processor clocked at frequencies between 2.3 GHz and 3.1 GHz. They are all dual core processors and benefit from different amounts of storage but with the same 8GB of RAM.
  • There will also be 3 different 15 inch versions of the laptop, with frequencies between 2.2 GHz and 2.9 GHz. They are all quad core processors from the i7 variety, featuring 16 GB of RAM. The storage options also differ here.

Get yours today

Those that are trying desperately to find more information about the release of these devices should know that they can already go to the Apple Store and get their own copy of the preferred variation. Whether you want something lighter from the 13 inch range or the absolute best powerhouse from the 15 inch collection, you can no doubt find something to fit your size on the Apple store.


Price is very important and you are probably wondering just how much will this upgrade set you back. Many Apple consumers, although eager to get themselves the new MacBook, are also trying to save up some cash for when the iPhone 8 comes out finally.

Given the fact that there are a lot of versions to choose from, the price tag will also fluctuate accordingly. However, you can go off the fact that the starting price for the 13 inch range is at $1300. It’s not exactly cheap but it’s fairly reasonable for the kind of tech you’re getting here.