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Major FIFA 17 Patch Comes with Ultimate Team and Career Mode Improvements


The most popular soccer game on both console and PC platforms is undoubtedly FIFA 17. The game has been created by EA and it brought huge amounts of profits to EA, especially since its a bestseller both in Europe and the US having over 100 million of units sold already. What gives FIFA 17 an edge over its competition is the fact that the game’s developers keep on launching major updates which help make the game be more realistic while also fixing known bugs.

EA Sports recently posted the full patch notes for the 1.05 update which will arrive to both PC and console platforms. The official patch notes can be found on the developer’s official website but today we’re going to go over them together and see what’s new.

FIFA Ultimate Team

As previously stated, FIFA 17 has brought huge amounts of profits to EA but the FUT mode is what keeps on adding money to those percentages because players are required to pay real money for card packs. With that being said, it’s completely understandable why EA is paying so much attention towards FUT.

  • Additional details are now represented in the latency bar;
  • A known Squad Building Challenge bug has been fixed;
  • The FUT Champions matchup screen doesn’t feature the crest, name and establish date anymore;
  • The Kit select screen now works accordingly;
  • Player poses can no longer be attributed to Team Management;

Career Mode

We will see that there aren’t that many changes in this department, even though this is the most played mode of FIFA 17.

  • The patch fixes a bug that could have been found in the weekly wages display section;

Gameplay Changes

  • Random passing bug now fixed;
  • The defensive line now is able to adjust its position according to striker pressure;


  • EATV will now buffer faster;
  • French commentators now feature an audio balance;
  • Slow motion replay improved with the addition of an extra set of cameras;
  • The Journey mode now features more commentator languages which can be found in the settings panel;

We think it’s safe to say that FIFA players are going to be glad to receive this update. Nonetheless, we can expect that EA is going to keep on developing major updates and launch them along the way.