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Material Design 2 May Be Hitting Chrome In September


Latest rumors claim that there’s a possibility that Material Design 2 hits Chrome in September this year. There isn’t any official confirmation from Google, but there’s an intriguing hint.

A Google employee commented that MD2 is planned for a “Chrome birthday deck” and it would include a full-scale redesign of the current Chrome browser.

Other than this, there aren’t any design-related rumors on how the visual UI will change.

A complete revamp of Chrome is involved

At the moment, we only know that Chrome will get a complete change and we can only assume that changes will include the way that Chrome looks on Desktop and probably on mobile as well.

Based on Google’s employee’s messages, MD2 is currently in the works, and it will look completely different once it’s done with.

The design of the interface is referred to in the comments as “touchable Chrome,” and this seems to be a smaller set of visual changes that are targeting Chrome on desktop devices that have a touch interface.

Maybe the reference is about Chromebook and convertible devices and tablets.

The comments also involved the fact that the changes which are part of the touchable Chrome are not changes involving MD2.

MD2 revamp may come in September

Even if the change may only occur in September, this doesn’t mean that we won’t see any modifications of the design within the browser until then.

Google may come up with small incremental changes along the way, and these smaller changes would eventually lead up to an entirely revamped design.

At the moment, Material Design 2 is still in the works, and we believe that we still have to wait some more until Google has some completed changes that are ready for rollout. Until then, we can only guess what’s going to be new/improved/changed and so on.