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Microsoft Acquires SwiftKey, Apple Acquires LegbaCore – Know The Details


The world of technology is all about progress and about moving forward. The leading names in the world of technology have all been progressing because of their ability to move forward at a rapid pace, and by having a keen eye over the industry.

Acquisitions are often some of the most important parts of a business deal. We might have known Google in a whole different way if they hadn’t acquired Android.

WhatsApp too might have been going in a different direction had it not been taken over by Facebook. Talking about acquisitions, here are two of the top deals that took place today:

  1. Microsoft Acquires SwiftKey

Microsoft has been a company which has been on a hunt towards growing, and the software business is their playground.

The company has been focusing a lot on cross promotions off late and has been coming out with a large number of apps for the iOS and Android devices lately.

The company’s latest efforts have now resulted in the acquisition of SwiftKey, the popular Android and iOS keyboard alternative for $250 million.

This is an important move by Microsoft as SwiftKey is one of the leading AI based keyboard apps which knows what you might type next based on your previous typing attempts.

The keyboard runs on machine learning technologies and is one of the finest options we have in the markets.

  1. Apple Takes Over LegbaCore

Security firm LegbaCore had been making quite some noise around itself last year, when they announced several vulnerabilities in Apple’s OS X systems. Apple then secretly took over the company without making announcement.

The deal of the takeover was announced recently. Apple took Xeno Kovah and Corey Kallenberg, two researchers at the firm as full-time Apple employees in November 2015. Apple credited the two researchers twice last year for finding vulnerabilities in its products.

“We focus on security at the deepest darkest levels of computer systems. Specifically the areas where attackers can persist indefinitely without fear of detection, because you have zero visibility at that level,” the firm’s website describes them.

This should inspire many other tech firms towards working in the direction of finding and fixing security threats for Apple products, and is a great strategic move by Apple. The financial details of this takeover have been kept private.