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Microsoft Alerts Users About State Sponsored Hacks


Off late, there has been a massive surge in the violations of user privacy over the years. 2015 has probably been the year with the most number of cyber attacks recorded, and it can be said for sure that 2016 is going to be an even bigger year in terms of these attacks on user privacy and safety on the internet.

Off late, online spying and cyber espionage is being promoted by the governments.

There have been several reports about the NSA keeping an eye on you and time and again we read the headlines stating ‘the big brother is watching you’, or similar lines.

However, in recent times, the security concerns have grown much bigger and have moved beyond the normal threats.

In a year where several major hacks were exposed, there have been many names which have stood up against these kind of hacking attacks, and major tech companies have come out and have decided that it’s enough now.

These tech firms are now looking forward to put an end to government led spying, which might not just be a threat to user privacy but also to national security.

It has been brought to notice that in recent times these attacks have increased.

Microsoft has become the latest name to stand up against this, and like Twitter, Yahoo and Gmail in the past, the company is all set to alert their users about state-sponsored hacking attempts.

Several imminent personalities and government employees are under the scanners of foreign hackers, who intend to break into their account for their private information.

Microsoft has now decided to alert the users of their Outlook.com users over this matter.

The company has been under pressure from several media houses about why did they not alert the users of the 2011 hacks, which are also alleged to be state sponsored hacks.

Microsoft has commented on the matter saying that they did it due to some policy issues, and also because it wasn’t confirmed at that time that these attempts were made by hackers of a particular country as there were several nations from where it was hacking.

The company has also said that they suspect Chinese hackers behind this, and they had been working with certain unnamed US agencies towards finding out who was behind them, but they came to no conclusion.

However, better late than never and it is indeed a positive foot forward by Microsoft.

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