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Microsoft Band 2 Gets Latest Update – New GPS Battery Saver, Weight Tracker


Microsoft in 2015 had been of the busiest companies. The company entered into the hardware markets with all its might, releasing new phones, tablets, and even a laptop.

The company also announced their latest wearable device in October – the Microsoft Band 2. The device was priced in at $249, and came in as a major upgrade to the previously released Microsoft Band.

However, since October, the company has witnessed a major downfall in the hardware division.

Even back then, when the company was entering into the hardware markets, the company was having a major concern regarding the way the markets will respond to their hardware ventures

. By now, all their fears have come to life as most of their hardware ventures have crashed and burned.

The company has ended up losing out close to $8 Bn in the Microsoft Mobiles division, with 7800 employees being let off. Next was the XBOX division, which was expected to do well, but the latest reports show that the XBOX One devices have been outsold by the PS4 devices by almost twice the number.

While the PS4 perches high on a pedestal at over 40Mn devices having been sold, Microsoft looks up to them at just 19mn devices. The latest news surrounding the Surface Pro 4 too, is quite depressing as it has been outsold by the iPad Pro.

The company has now released a new update for the Microsoft Band 2 – their fitness wearable device, which comes with two major highlights:

  1. GPS Power Saver Mode

In their latest update for the Microsoft Band 2, the company has now introduced a new GPS Power Saver mode, where instead of being tracked by GPS continuously, the user would be tracked at regular intervals, thereby saving out big time on the battery, and still getting an accurate track of where they have been. Microsoft Health will still be mapping your route on the mobile app and web dashboard. The company claims this can add as many as four additional hours to the life.

  1. Weight Tracking

One of the most popularly demanded features, the ability to keep  track of your weight has now been introduced in the Microsoft Health app. The company would show you a graph of your weight change over the days and would also help easily calculate your BMI on the Microsoft health app. This was a much demanded update by the Microsoft Band 2 users.