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Microsoft Corporation Could Shutdown Lumia in Favour of Surface Phone


Lumia has always been associated with Nokia. This producer of mobile phones from Finland officially was acquired by Microsoft sometime back.

After Nokia shut down and Microsoft took up linear the market for Lumia phones has been up and down.

According to various new sources over the Internet and from one of the most reliable Windows news sources named Windows Central, Microsoft has merely one more handset to be released under the Lumia branding.

This phone would be the Lumia 650. There has been no official confirmation about the same.

When Lumia first came into existence along with Nokia the brand was able to sell a lot of devices running on Windows.

But it soon succumbed to the competition with Android and IOS. Now it ihas reached status where it is the third wanted brand and has not been able to revive the sales to the same level as it was when initially the first few phones were launched.

Microsoft’s decision of continuing to manufacture with the Lumia brand was also very good. This is because Pin Nokia shutdown the only thing that would connect the customers to Microsoft and windows phones was the name Lumia with sold very well.

Even today the word Lumia is the most searched in terms of Windows phones. People do not search for Windows mobile or for surface as much as they search for Lumia.

But the time has now come that Microsoft has chosen to shut down the Lumia as well. This is because the kind of success that was being expected from Lumia brand did not really come out.

With more improvement in Android and better I phones which are larger in size in the market the sales for Windows phones also has seen a major drop.

According to a report over the Internet the Windows phones total sales for only 3.6 % as compared to the total sales of Smartphones across the world and the Cockroaches all the platforms combined.

Asides, there is also a chance that the surface phone might be envisioned by the company, because of which it might have decided shut down the Lumia operations.

No official confirmation has been received about the surface phone but rumours across the Internet has many a times shown that the surface could be carried over as the next phone of Microsoft.

Although he cannot say anything about the Services phone let me do know that the Lumia 650 is going to be launched in future.

Since this is the last phone apparently, by the Microsoft Corporation and the Lumia brand, the phone is expected to be really good in features as compared to its predecessors.


  1. Information that I’ve come across online puts the 650 in the midrange category.

    Here in the US, Microsoft chose to do an end run around Verizon Wireless and Sprint. The 550 and the 950s are not compatible with either network…and…that trend is likely to continue with the 650.

  2. Good riddance to Lumia and, hopefully good riddance to Windows Phone. A complete and utter failure after Windows Phone 8.1 dropped.

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