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Microsoft Cortana Scolds Users For Missing Appointments


It seems like all big tech companies are working on improving their virtual assistants. This trend has been started by Apple when it installed Siri to its iPhone lineup. Today virtual assistants are being installed even on PCs. For example, the best PC AI right now is the ones designed by Microsoft. Cortana is the name of the virtual assistant and it can be found on Windows 10 and Windows phones.

Having a virtual assistant greatly improves the overall user experience of a device. Especially since the device can be controlled only through vocal commands, something that Cortana excels at. Surveys are showing that Cortana is being mostly used to set up remind and schedule meetings. Well, Microsoft recently launched an update that makes Cortana more complex in this regard.

Last month Google announced that Cortana will be getting a new feature that’s called Suggested Reminders. This feature has just been rolled out. This feature has been developed with one purpose in mind, to help users keep track of their appointments. Suggested Reminders will basically scold users for not attending all their appointments. Cortana will now search through Outlook emails and Office 365 messages. This way, the AI will know if the user is forgetting about something important.

While this feature is quite interesting, is also raising some controversy among the Windows community. There are some that might want to disable this feature because they might want to purposely miss appointments. Fortunately, Microsoft has made opting out of Suggested Reminders very easy.

Nonetheless, the new Cortana will be arriving to Windows powered devices during the upcoming days if it hasn’t arrived yet. Worth mentioning is that Cortana is not able to make the difference between commitments and promises so users are advised to include key elements in their appointment messages such as date, time and pace.

Even though this feature is highly controversial, it’s great seeing that Microsoft is making advancements with AI technology. Maybe in the upcoming future we will be able to see even more advanced features. Additionally, the fact that Microsoft is progressing is forcing other companies such as Google to also make improvements on their AI assistants.