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Microsoft Cortana vs Siri vs Google Now: Know The Best Virtual Assistant


The modern age devices all come out with virtual assistants. While Apple was the first to innovate their devices with the arrival of Siri, Google and Microsoft too are catching up with the arrival of Google Now and Microsoft Cortana.

Many people have often been confused and have wondered what is the core difference between these three virtual assistants, and here is the perfect breakdown of the three assistant applications –

  1. Information-Wise:

We asked the three assistants a few questions, and the answers that they came out with were a major metric that helped us gauge the way each performs on the basis of information:

When each of the device was asked a simple question such as the age of Barack Obama, all three devices gave a prompt reply. Following that we immediately asked the assistants about ‘his wife’s age’, and all three devices were quick in understanding ‘his’ here refers to Barack Obama.

When asked what is the weather like today, all the three devices showed accurate weather details, but Cortana takes a lead here as the device spoke it out while Siri and Google Now both showed it on the screen.

  1. Task-Wise:

Al three devices were asked to perform some tasks, and here’s how they fared:

When asked about the nearest drug store, Google Now, as well as Siriwere able to come out with a list of all the drug stores in the half-mile radius. However, Cortana was the only one to mention the pharmacy next door.

When asked to make a reservation at a nearby restaurant, both Cortana and Siri were a little confused on what to do, but Google Now was smart enough to open up the Open Table application, and filled the form on its own to make an appointment.

Cortana again seemed to have problem when looking for movie bookings while Google Now and Siri both opened Fandango for the same.

  1. Personality-Wise:

When it comes to the personality of the assistant, here’s how they fared:

Upon being asked to tell us a joke, Siri had the most hilarious ones when compared to Cortana and Google Now.

When they were asked simple questions such as lines from movies, like, ‘open the pod bay doors’, Cortana came out with the right answer: “I’m sorry Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Siri, however, had a more amusing answer: “Doesn’t anybody knock anymore?”

Siri and Cortana are certainly more humorous than the Google Now service.