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Microsoft Cortana’s Services Pulled Out From Android


Android users, who have been so used to saying ‘Hey Cortana’ on their Android phones will now have to bid the sultry Microsoft voice assistant goodbye.

Too many glitches reported by Android users have caused Microsoft to reconsider their brave effort of trying to have their AI launched to work on an environment alien to the software.

Android users were very excited with the launch of the software and the number of downloads increased exponentially within days of the launch.

However, in less than two weeks of usage Android users have come up with various complaints about Cortana being non responsive at times on their phones. Some users have mentioned that the phones have become unstable. Others have reported that the voice assistant does not seem to be able to decipher voice commands.

A number of cases of spoilt microphones have been recently reported and the most surprising thing was that almost all of these users had tried using Cortana on their Android Phones.

As innovative as Microsoft was in terms of creating this hybrid, they perhaps failed to understand what difficulties could come their way while having the app run in an Android ecosystem. The challenges were diverse and it is understandable that merely developmental testing is not enough to test all situations.

The bottom line is that the foundation on which this app claimed to stand has finally caved in and Microsoft has been wise enough to withdraw the services of Cortana from the Google Play Store altogether.

Even during the launch of Cortana for Android, it was noted that the app did not have full functionality as we would normally expect. On a Mcirosoft phone Cortana is at her best, juggling various tasks at the same time.

She can keep track of your appointments, tell you about the weather, carefully pick your news feed based on your previous browsing history and can also perform an array of tasks with regards to internet browsing.

However, on Android, she lacked the ability to perform so much and was only limited to launching certain applications and searching for stuff on the internet. When users tried performing other activities, their phones became unstable and simple things like making phone calls became completely out of scope.

Strangely enough, Android users opted for Cortana even though Google’s voice assistant OK Google has been giving perfect service and can be smart enough to even send messages for you on hangouts.

‘Hey Cortana’ would be a phrase that Android users will not be able to use on their Android devices for quite some time now, at least not before 2016.