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Microsoft Edge is Getting Extension Support – New Features and Updates


The Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 is a big step forward from the old Internet Explorer but can not yet replace other browsers like Firefox and Chrome for a large number of users. The reason for this is the lack of extensions that can improve the user experience for those who need functionality in addition to what Edge provides by default. Although Microsoft has promised support for extensions, they completely missed the spotlight … until now.

A recently published screenshot of a yet unreleased version of Microsoft Edge, presents some extensions and provides some information about how they are installed. The existence of the images suggests that Microsoft is planning to launch this feature in the near future. Since the plan was for Edge to receive an update that provides support for extensions in 2016, we can expect a launch in the first months of the year.

The first two software apps of this kind for Microsoft’s browser are Pin It Button that adds a button for saving images on Pintrest accounts and Reddit Enhancement Suite for expanded functionality on the website Reddit.com. This information, however, comes with bad news. Installing the extensions will not be as simple as in the case of competing browsers. To integrate extra functionality in the Edge browser, you will need to download a .zip file format, which will then be copied into a dedicated folder. This process will not only keep away some users, but will pave the way for malware attacks when downloading extensions from unverified sites.

There are no extensions for Microsoft Edge available even for Insiders program members, so it will take some time until we will be able to use them. Given the speed of development of updates for Windows 10, it is possible that Microsoft’s browser will receive this update in a few weeks.