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Microsoft Edge Private Browsing Flaw Discovered


Few flaws in the Microsoft web browser have been pointed out by a researcher. The researcher has claimed that the InPrivate feature on the new default Microsoft web browser is leaking data, which could allow an attacker to find out the websites which are visited by the user. The issue is currently under investigation, Microsoft says.

Ashish Singh, a security researcher, has discovered that a lot of traceable pieces of information can be found in Edge’s In Private mode from browsing sessions.

One such information comes through Container_n table, which is designed n order to store information like web history, cookies, and cache file. Along with that, more details like timestamp can also be obtained.

Mr. Singh further continues his report stating that these bits of information are easily decodable by simply accessing the WebCache file, which is available on the hard drive of the user.

Ashish further wrote that,“The forensic examination of most Web browsers has proven that they don’t have a system for storing any of the details of privately browsed Web sessions.

Private browsing is provided for a purpose, that precise purpose is privately browsing the web, which is being delivered.”

Ashish further added that, “However, in the case of Microsoft Edge even the private browsing is not as private as it seems.

In the previous investigations of the web browser have resulted in revealing that the websites which are visited in the private mode are also somehow stored in the web browser’s WebCache file.”

The Verge, in a report has disclosed it is worth noticing that the discovery of all the flaws was made in October last year, and yet some of these flaws still do exist. Although Microsoft has said that it is investigating all the claims made by Mr. Singh.

The company has told the publications that, “we have only recently become aware of a report that claims In Private tabs are not working as they were designed to originally work.”

What do you think about the flaws of Microsoft Edge? Do you think it is right to store the visited websites even in the private mode in the web browser’s WebCache file? Or do you think Microsoft should do something quickly about these flaws? Comment below and let us know.