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Microsoft Ends All Support For Windows 8 After IE


Microsoft, off late, has been a unit which has been completely focusing all its attention towards the future of their devices.

The company has been coming out with several updates and upgrades, which have helped the markets grow.

Typically known to be one of the most dominating players in the markets of technology, Microsoft, off late, has been experimenting with their own capabilities.

The company has released several hardware devices, and for the first time is looking this interested in the business of hardware.

However, their undivided attention in recent times has been towards the development and expansion of the Windows 10 OS and associated services.

It has now been announced by Microsoft that they have ended all support for the Windows 8 devices.

This move has come in soon after the company announced that they are retiring the Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 web browsers.

Updates will now only be provided for the Internet Explorer 11 users. This move, too, was made to promote the Microsoft Edge browser, which is one of the core elements of the Windows 10 OS, and a key offering there.

Microsoft ending the support for Windows 8 OS is understood as the user agreement says that support can be terminated two years after a new service pack releases.

Microsoft has considered Windows 8.1 as the Windows 8 service pack. Users of Windows 8.1 are expected to get support till 2023.

This news might be about a closure and termination of updates, but this is actually a good news for he users of the Windows 10, which is the future as per Microsoft.

The company is in highs spirits and is taking a positive approach at things. The end of support for windows 8 certainly means a greater migration towards Windows 10.

It was recently announced that over 200 million users are now using the Windows 10 OS.

According to Microsoft, the growth of Windows 10 OS has been phenomenal and has been 140% faster than that of the Windows 7 OS, and a massive 400% faster than that of the Windows 8 OS.

As per more Microsoft statistics, over 76% of their Enterprise customers are running a test run for the Windows 10 OS and a large majority of them are expected to convert, giving Microsoft a much-needed boost.

What are your views on Microsoft ending support for Windows 10 OS and the IE browsers? Gone for good or will ghosts continue to haunt them.