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Microsoft Enters The Analytics Business With Metanautix Acquisition


Microsoft has been a name which has been known for their contribution to the world of technology. The company has been around for the past 41 years, and has been constantly innovating their features. Microsoft has always been a company which has been known for their work in the software technology. The company has been trying hard to enter into various other markets as well, such as the hardware industry with the release of their latest generation of Lumia devices. Microsoft has now stepped their first foot forward towards the analytics business with the help of the Metanautix Acquisition – an analytics oriented business.

With changing times companies need to change the way they operate. Traditional approaches are good when you talk of them, but when it comes to real life practical implementations, they might not be as practical as they seem. Sometimes on does have to venture into newer directions, and Microsoft’s move towards analytics is well justified with teh acquisition of Metanautix. Screenshot_2

Microsoft’s venture into the markets of big data and analytics has been quite an eventful venture, as it had been noted for quite a while that Microsoft have been planning to enter the analytics business. Metanautix has been known for their creation of Quest – a tool that allows SQL queries against all kinds of data, regardless of where it might come from (public or private sources). The company has been formed by a former Google engineer, and operates as a startup.

The deal between the two had been announced on Friday, and no terms have yet been revealed. There have been no disclosures on how the company plans to use the new tools that they have acquired. Microsoft’s Corporate VP, Joseph Sirosh commented on the deal, saying that they plan release it for products such as the SQL Server and for the Cortana Analytics Suite.

Analytics based information and Artificial Intelligence go hand-in-hand. Microsoft also plans to bring customers to their side from Amazon’s Web Services and Google Cloud. The Metanautix Acquisition is indeed a major step forward for the company towards the direction of analytics, and Microsoft has now become the latest name to enter into the world of big data acquisition at a large scale. This will certainly help benefit the users over the long term.

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