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Microsoft Equipps Office, Outlook and Skype With Touch Bar Support


The most talked about feature that’s been installed by Apple on its latest MacBook Pro offering is the Touch Bar. Even though the laptop came with an impressive hardware bump in comparison with its predecessor, the Touch Bar is what made the device more appealing towards customers. The best thing about Apple’s Touch Bar is that all major app developers are adding support for it.

Microsoft Adds Touch Bar Support To Office

Microsoft has been working on equipping its Office app with Touch Bar support for a while now. Reports are showing that the Windows parent has been developing a special Mac edition of Office since June. Now it has finally arrived. MacBook Pro owners can update their Office app and get access to Touch Bar functionalities.

Microsoft Office Touch Bar Functionalities

Not only will Office support Apple’s Touch Bar but it will also have special functionalities for it. First off, MacBook Pro owners will be able to remove the distracting Ribbon when they enable Focus Mode. Just by tapping on the Touch Bar, users can now change their font style, format text, and even insert pictures, hyperlinks in their documents.

PowerPoint will also start displaying a graphical slides overview. This is quite useful since it gives users the ability to manually arrange their slides just by using the Touch Bar. Additionally, Excel is seeing some changes as well. The biggest change MacBook Pro owners are going to see in Excel is that they can now pick recently used cells, functions or charts from the Touch Bar display.

Skype And Outlook Receive Touch Bar Support As Well

The Mac edition of Outlook will now display all of the user’s calendar appointments. On the other hand, Skype will present functions such as mute and call on the Touch Bar. While this might not be some groundbreaking changes, they are still welcomed. We can only wonder how many features Apple’s Touch Bar will have in the upcoming future. Nonetheless, until then we can be happy that all app developers are adding support for the Touch Bar and that they are not just overlooking it.