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Microsoft Hardware Business Going Downhill? Comparisons Show Major Beatdown


Microsoft, off late, has been quite ambitious about their projects in the markets of hardware. However all their ambitions are being crushed by the massive competition that they face in the hands of other rival brands.

Market leaders such as Apple are at an absolutely dominating position, and are destroying any hopes that Microsoft has in the world of hardware technology.

That Microsoft has been a disaster in the hardware markets is public knowledge. However, what might not be known to most is that the company is actually suffering a beat down in all their sectors of hardware.

All the ventures of Microsoft in the hardware business have faltered, and the company has been suffering from an early damage.  Here’s a detailed look at the same:

Microsoft Mobiles

One of their biggest disasters, the Microsoft Mobiles division was actually the one where the company had a lot of hope to succeed.

However, business has been going down the hill from there on, and the company has not been managing to do well here.

The Microsoft Mobiles division had earlier lost out close to $8 Billion, and 7800 employees were let off. But that was the case of 2014-15. However, latest reports have come out detailing the statistics of the year 2015-16, which indicates that Microsoft has ended up losing out over 50% of the sales when compared to the previous years!

Microsoft XBOX One

The XBOX One division was another disappointment. Though the device was quite sturdy, it received a beat down due to two reasons –first of all the device did not get an international release and was quite late in releasing to many regions of the world.

The second reason was that they displayed a resolution of up to 900p while the PS4 took it one notch up, and hit the 1080p mark, which is the golden standard – these were the two initial bumps the company is still recovering from. The lifetime sales of PS4 is now 40 million+, more than double that of the XBOX One, which stands at 19 Million.

Microsoft Surface Division

The Microsoft Surface division has been doing good in the markets, but even this golden division of theirs has been taking a major beat down by the hands of their competition. The latest reports have indicated that the Apple Inc made iPad Pro has managed to sell more units than the Surface Pro 4 in the month of December.

Microsoft has indeed had a disappointing show in the markets of hardware over the past one year.