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Microsoft HoloLens Battery Failed To Show A Good Battery Life


Virtual reality really seems to be getting a good push towards the future this year. The year has just started and so far just the CES 2016 has been held, but the kind of response in the VR section has been commendable.

We had brands like the Oculus VR, the HTC Vive Pre and the Sony’s Playstation VR rearing their heads in the show this year.

However, Windows users were excited to see their favorite brand, Microsoft come up with a brand of VR on its own, that is Microsoft Hololens.

The Hololens, when it comes to features, is wonderful. It is sturdy and is black in color and has a look so dystopian that you want to get your hands on it immediately.

A lot of features were declared for this device but there was one that actually caught every one’s attention – a 5.5 hour battery lasting claim.

However, on further testing it was confirmed that 5.5 hours is something that will come only with average use. But for those activities, which fall under the category of high use such as playing games and watching movie will disappoint you about the battery life. It will keep you near to 2 to 2.5 hours only.

In comparison to this, the rival console, that it the Wii U’s gamepad lasts upto 3 to 5 hours during heavy game playing as well.

However it has been addressed that Microsoft is working on the same to avail more battery life in upcoming updates.

Claims also claim that wearing the HoloLens will be an experience of working on 15 inches monitor, that will seem like it is at a distance of 2 feet.

However using the same would not be enough satisfactory for everyone as wearing the HoloLens for all the daily chores is not at all possible.

Microsoft also declared that in the upcoming version there will be a huge difference and more updates with the same, hence there is nothing to be disappointed about.

It was also revealed that on the upcoming edition you would be able to link up more than one HoloLens together and both of them will be able to access one single object, enabling two people to play together.