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Microsoft HoloLens Disappoints – Low battery life, limited field of vision


Microsoft is a company which has witnessed success at almost every step they take.

However, the company has tried really hard to achieve the same success in the hardware industry that they experience in their other territories like Operating System with their trademark Windows OS which has ruled over Personal Computers since forever, then like in the gaming industry with X – Box and many more but truth be told, they have not even been anywhere near that kind of success in the hardware market.

Expectations are always high from a company of this stature but they have not been well according to what everyone thought they would.

When we look in the near future, we can certainly see Virtual Reality as a very important part of our lives, some would claim even more than smartphones!

It is predicted that Virtual Reality will put smartphones out of business like WhatsApp has done to SMS, ofcourse smartphones will still be there but Virtual Reality is considered by experts to be the next step in human and technology’s evolution.

Every major organization is on to the Virtual Reality because everyone knows about the influence it will have on people’s day – to – day life.

Microsoft is one of those companies which have already set sail on the Virtual Reality Sea, so to speak.

The Redmond giant has already announced its first attempt at Virtual Reality with ‘HoloLens’. Last year in the month of October, Microsoft successfully announced the HoloLens – developer’s version, Microsoft’s attempt to break in the Virtual Reality world.

The HoloLens is set to release in the first quarter of 2016 and will be valued at a whopping $ 3000.

Bruce Harris, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, at an event in Tel Aviv, has shed some light on some of the specifications of the Virtual Reality headset by Microsoft.

He has stated that the battery of HoloLens will last up between 2.5 hours to 5.5 hours, depending on what it is being used for. The battery life is unsurprisingly disappointing though.

He also went on and explained that the viewable area will be similar in size as to what you would get if you held a 15inch screen two feet from your face.

Again there is a lot of room for improvement in the range as well which was stated by Mr. Harris that the company is looking to widen the field of view of HoloLens in the coming future.

As of this moment, many are already labeling the Hololens as a disappointment, but it is too early to say so.

What are your thoughts on the ground breaking Virtual Reality headset by Microsoft? Comment below and let us know.


  1. Technically incompetent article..
    These hours are pretty reasonable. To put it in another perspective, it’s comparable to that of an average laptop.
    laptops started there 18 years back with these kind of hours. Even after (almost) 2 decades, the average laptops runs only around 5 hours (without recharging). Fortunately, in those times, there were not many half-baked/biased so called tech writers to put them down. They were accepted as great evolutionary steps while this is revolutionary step.

    Did you even pay attention what was said in the video? It is today’s tech limitation not the competency.

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