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Microsoft HoloLens Magic – Comes With Problems



Although Microsoft HoloLens should reach this year the first developers interested in the creation of the Redmond giant, only now we have a set of important details about the usefulness and limitations of the product.

The folks at Microsoft have announced their augmented reality kit about a year ago, but it looks like the 12 months that have past were not enough for us to understand in which scenarios such a futuristic gadget makes our lives easier. Fortunately, at an event held in Israel in the past days, company officials have given us some very interesting product specifications.

If you want to know Microsoft HoloLens autonomy, what other devices can interact with it or how immersive is the experience is offered, all these features have been recently clarified. First, it is worth to note that Microsoft HoloLens via WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity can communicate pretty well with gadgets compatible with this standard. In addition, on HoloLens you can run easily any universal applications designed for Windows 10. If you want to interconnect several kits to share augmented reality experience, this will be possible if both of you are in the same room, but also if you are in different corners of the world, through internet.

Battery life will vary greatly, but even the most optimistic scenarios of use will fail to impress users who hoped to take advantage of this gadget during a working day of 8 hours. In the most optimistic case, you get about 5.5 hours of battery life, but in intensive usage scenarios, that value may fall to the relatively short 2.5 hours duration. Also due to the battery, it seems that the viewing experience will not be one of the most immersive. Microsoft HoloLens will display an image similar to what a user can experience when looking at a 15-inch display at a distance of 60 centimeters.

If these features don’t impress you so much, you can hope that it will be improved when the final version of the product will reach households.