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Microsoft Hololens – More Questions Answered


The Microsoft Hololens is yet another candidate in the current running of Virtual reality headsets. With the current tech scenario, virtual reality and augmented reality both hold a lot of promise for the future.

It is perhaps this dystopian far sightedness that has compelled all the companies to invest so heavily in VR. Sony, HTC, Oculus and Microsoft, all are forerunners of a new era of technology and Virtual reality is in the middle of it all.

Although not much is known about the Microsoft Hololens, we have questions, lots of them. We want to know how it looks like, how it works, what it feels like to don a headset and peer into the depths of what is but a mirage generated with the help of man-made technology.

Microsoft answered some of these questions when it produced the headset for a presentation at an Israeli tech event. The presenter, a Microsoft insider, needless to say, explained how the device was made and what the basic features of the device were.

The Microsoft Hololens, as the images go, is a headset that is designed to suit the human ergonomic needs.

It is black and beautiful. There are some important questions though. When Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey made it evident that the device would need a powerful computer to work with, people came up with questions regarding the Hololens too; what was it that Hololens required?

Well, the truth is, Hololens requires nothing to flashy to run its headset – any device that has the Windows 10 and is running it successfully can do the job. Asides, the device would also need to have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to make it run successfully.

Another important information that easily can cause the device to be very popular is the kind of display it has.

Each eye would have a screen and HD graphics. Asides, he battery of the device has also been mentioned.

The Hololens can provide up to 5.5 hours of power to the Hololens. This is low.

But if you come to think of it, who would care about wearing the headset for more than a couple of hours?

If you do use it heavily of course, chances are that the battery would last you perhaps only a couple of hours.

Prices remain undisclosed, and the lowest device will have a display like a 15 inch LCD screen and will have about two feet depth in the image produced.