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Microsoft in Hardware – A Major Disaster, Could It Make Amends?


Microsoft has been a company which has been trying hard to expand their approach, however they have been restricted to a single dimension – the markets of software technology.

The company has been trying their best to change the way things work in the hardware markets, but it has been a strategy which has not worked out so well for them.

Microsoft’s multi-dimensional approach has been halted at the very take-off stage, and the company has been suffering big-time.

Microsoft in hardware has been a major disaster for the users and the stakeholders alike, and the company has suffered much already. Here is a look at the position of the company as of now –


The XBOX One division started off at the wrong foot, and is still repenting that. The company has been trying their best to make amends and has introduced various sales techniques and tactics but nothing has really worked out well for them, and the XBOX division just seems to fall further with every passing day.

With the recent reports now out, it has been revealed that the XBOX One is tumbling far behind at just 19 million units sold while the PS4 has passed 40 million.

Surface Devices

Microsoft had expected that they had ‘struck gold’ with the surface tablets and the surface book laptop. However it turns out that the recent reports have not been in the favor of Microsoft, as the iPad Pro has outsold the Surface Pro 4 in the month of December.

Microsoft must not lose heart over this as the Surface Pro series of tablets have actually been doing well for them, but in comparison, not so much.

Microsoft Mobiles

There’s nothing left to be said about the Microsoft Mobiles division which has not been said already.

Losses of close to 8 Billion dollars, nearly 8000 employees axed, sales falling over 50%, every statistic is a tale of sorrow for the company, and Microsoft is now looking forward to shut down their Lumia series of phones, which they have been carrying on since the Nokia days. The company will now be working on Surface Phone devices.

Microsoft’s hardware ventures look like a horror show to the investors, and the company needs to pull their act together ASAP if they want to survive in the hardware business.