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Microsoft Launches The New Version Of Internet Explorer 11: Makes A Move Towards The Future


Remember the days you started browsing the internet? All we knew and wanted to click on was the big blue ‘E’ on the desktop.

This continued right up to the early days 2008; we had been well satisfied with the Windows Internet Explorer to surf the internet. 2002 was the most glorious period of the reign of the Internet explorer.

More than 85% of the users across the world used this browser for their internet needs, which made it the highest used browser in the world.

But then came the new browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and UCbrowser –  they were faster, more powerful and had features that the IE could not beat.

The users across the globe started making a shift – from their age old IE to the newer more attractive browsers.

Ultimately, IE was left with just 46 percent in the following year. Today, the number has continued to fall and the number of users who use IE now sum up to a lousy 6.8 percent only.

The reason which makes the internet browser ‘Internet Explorer’ to fall from its popularity are lack of proper upgrades and slower speed basically.

Looking forward to the review of the statistic downfall of this popularity Microsoft (NASDAQ: MFST) has now decided to stop support IE 8,9 &10 and launched their new updated version that is IE 11 which has been upgraded to use with Windows 10.

Users who are still using the older version will get a notification “End Of Life” vide which they can upgrade to the latest version.

If you are using the older version without updating the same you will be in the risk of hacking, exploitation and breaches as there will be no security updates available for your older version internet explorer.

Microsoft has already started futureproofing itself by steadily withdrawing services from some of its oldest services.

It stopped upgrades to Windows 8 as the version did not get a good response from users across the globe; users are being given an offer to upgrade to Windows 8.1.

But those users who have Windows 8.1 will still receive the updates. Upgrading to Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 will be the best idea to switch on while sticking to the older version.

For the best experience, make a quick move to Windows 10 and use the Microsoft Edge browser for the same.