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Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual SIM and Lumia 550 – specs:


Microsoft has been a company who is used to dominate its fields. As we all know Microsoft dominates the software market with its goodwill, advances in its technology and through many more aspects. The only logical next step for Microsoft would be to tap in to the market of hardware.

In order to expand its range and tap in to the hardware market, the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft promised many things but failure. It was first rumored that Microsoft were going to launch their own new line of mobile phones but Microsoft were quick to deny those rumors. Microsoft continued with the line of mobile phones which Nokia was already offering the Lumia.

It is no secret that this business venture has not witnessed anything but failure, downfall and loss. There were many negative points of those devices and a lot of non existent features which were in other devices which were its direct competitors. The public loyalty to the Apple Company and the goodwill of the Apple Company most certainly played a big role in the drastic losses which came crashing down on Microsoft.

Microsoft Lumia 950, 950 XL, 550m Windows 10

With the release of the Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual SIM and Lumia 550 Microsoft is trying to reach those who have tight budgets and yet want to experience the smart phones. With launching Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual SIM and Lumia 550 people who can not afford the iPhones of this world can have the experience of the smart phones.

Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual SIM

The Lumia 640 XL LTE comes out with a big 5.7 inches screen with a great 13 MP primary camera supported by a 2MP front camera for selfies. The Lumia 640 XL LTE runs on a strong 3000mAh battery.

The phone contains Snapdragon 400 SoC. Talking about under the hood the phone has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of built in storage. The phone can support dual SIM and supports 4G LTE connections as well.

This phone is priced at $265 and is expected by Microsoft to make profit in the middle class market.

Lumia 550

The Lumia 550 comes out with a 4.7 inched screen along with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The phone features a 5MP primary camera supported by a 2MP of a front camera. It is rn on Snapdragon 210 SoC. It is priced at $130.

Microsoft’s Lumia 550 is the most basic phone and targets those who want to have the windows 10 experience.