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Microsoft Lumia 650 is NOT the Last Lumia Phone : Rumor Killer


Microsoft has been a company which has been around for the past 40 years and has been known for their ventures into the markets of software technology.

The company has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades, and has been changing the way the markets work.

The company has now been tapping into the markets of hardware technology, and has been knocking the doors of the world of mobile phones.

Mobile phone markets were already something Microsoft was interested in since quite some time, and the company has now found a major opening into these markets to do something worth the while.

However, the Lumia devices that they inherited from Nokia bombed in the market, but the company kept on producing them.

Microsoft later revealed that the company has faced massive losses. The numbers were bad, and Microsoft had lost out close to $8 Billion and were constantly losing out on more. The company had to let go of nearly 8000 employees.

Back then, there were talks about the company having to shut down their Mobile phone division or to sell it out over this, but Microsoft did not back out, and instead came out with the gen-next Lumia phones in their next event in October.

The Lumia 950, 950 XL and the 550 were not able to do much in the markets, as the statistics that came out this year showed that the sales of the Lumia phones had nearly flatlined as Microsoft had lost out more than 50% of their existing market share.

However it was then being rumored that the company is done with the mobile phone division, and will no longer be coming out with the mobile phones.

It doesn’t look like that anymore, and Microsoft is certainly expected to rule out backing out of the markets, and will instead now be focusing their efforts towards developing a newer brand of phones, the Surface Mobiles.

These surface mobiles are expected to add more power to the arsenal of Microsoft Mobiles, and it is expected that the company will now be working on a much bigger and a better plan for the future, attempting their very best to revive the dying brand that the Microsoft Mobiles are.