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Microsoft Lumia 650: More Microsoft Lumia Phone To Release?


Microsoft is one of the hottest names in the world of technology. The company has been coming out with a large number of innovations, updates and upgrades in recent times, and has been doing exceedingly well in the markets.

The company has been coming out with updates and upgrades which help the world of technology at large grow further and deeper into the markets.

The company has been trying their best to ensure that they offer the best of gen-next technology to the users. Windows 10 OS comes in as one such gen-next technology that Microsoft has in store for their users.

The company has been trying hard to improve these offerings and give the users a glimpse into the future. However, the company is facing major losses when it comes to the markets of hardware technology.

Microsoft is a name rarely known for their hardware ventures and the company has been tapping into the hardware markets quite frequently off late.

Microsoft’s efforts have all led towards nothing as the company faces a major financial trouble with their mobile phones division.

Having lost out close to $8 Billion earlier on, and after letting go of nearly 8000 employees, it was then expected that the Lumia phones would do better, but that did not happen. Instead, the company lost out over 50% of their market share in 2015.

However, the release of the Lumia 650 is expected to be followed by more Microsoft made mobile phones such as the Lumia 750 and the Lumia 850, which are expected to help get more and more users convert to the Windows 10 OS.

Microsoft has invested a lot of money in their Microsoft Mobiles division, and are still expected to do better in the days to come.

Microsoft Mobiles is not a unit which is likely to shut down any time soon, and not only more Lumia phones are expected to come out, but also a Surface series phone is expected to debut in October.

Microsoft is expected to continue their mobile phone operations for at least another year before they jump towards any final conclusions about the devices.

A Surface Mobile could possibly help bring a change for Microsoft. More details about this device are expected to be released as we head towards October.